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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING Company is the #1 choice for Painting service in Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire. Their experience is crucial for any property whether it’s the interior, exterior, residential or commercial properties. Properties require frequent maintenance for interior and exterior but especially for the exterior of the surface. Homes endure a lot of stress from the weather and all sort of debris and mold accumulate. Mold is not something you want around your if you want to stay healthy. Hire experience painters, so you don’t deal with the stress that your neighbors deal with when they hire a painting contractor.

This is our Business Model

Customer Delight

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has always prioritize their clients. Our business models revolves around exceeding customer service. We call our model Customer Delight We don’t expect to just meet your expectations. We expect to over exceed the customer service given by all painting companies in the painting industry today. Help us make this possible.

Experience Customer Delight

Trusted Painters in Orange County

Are you looking for painters in orange county, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach or the surrounding areas of Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire? Don’t hesitate any longer to call us. We have an enormous amount of experience when it comes to precision painting. We always paint straight lines and WE NEVER  take any short cuts. Painting the interior or exterior of a property can last anywhere from 2-11 years depending on factors such as temperature, frequency of tear and wear, and the quality of paint job. Yes the quality of a paint job is a huge factor that contributes to the life expectancy of paint. We take pride in the work we perform. We have been in business for many decades and have never experience a bad client or review.

Appoint Us To Eliminate Risks

When you appoint SKY EDIFICE PAINTING as your new painting contractor you are eliminating the
Huge risks in the industry from common painters.
1. Workers Not Showing Up Consistently.
2.Not Finishing the Work
3.Under Charging, (which leads to painters performing at their worst and applying very inefficient paint product)

Why Clients Love Our Services

Reasons why our clients always choose us.
1.We price correctly,

2.always show up on time,

3.use the best painting products.

Your Happiness is Our Success

Your goal when hiring painters is to always have a peace of mind so you can continue on with your day. We have success when you are happy. You decide when we start, you decide how it should look. You have the final decision. Our priority is our clients, when they are happy, we are also happy.

Always Overperforming
To Exceed
YOUR Expectations

Painting Services

Our Painters have the experience to over perform any house painting and commercial painting by applying specific painting specialties obtain through out the years as a licensed painter. Our clients love our painting services so much that we have painted their home every time they update their colors. This says a lot about SKY EDIFICE PAINTING. We’ve had since we start many decades ago. Our clients love our work. We always give the most care and attention to any property interior or exterior. Our reputation is on the line and that is why we always overperform when it comes to house painting , commercial painting , retail
house painting, residential painting

House Painting

Whether your seeking to paint a brand new construction home or wanting to paint your beach home, luxury home or update any house in size, we have the painting expertise and power to accomplish it.  Our professional Orange County house painters can paint any home.

commercial painting company, commercial painting services

Commercial Painting

Partner with an Orange County commercial painting company that will achieve a higher value on your commercial by simply painting. Want to get at least 89.75% of ROI on just painting. Retain quality tenants, obtain long term leases and increase traffic. 

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING Can Help You Gain Property Value? Find out for Yourself!

More Services

We Offer A Wide Selection of Painting Services

Residential Painting Services

cabinet painters, cabinet painting company


color consultation painting services by sky edifice painting

Color Consultation

Baseboard &
Crown Moulding

drywall repair services, painters that repair drywall

Drywall Repair Services

power washing exterior of a home


staining, wood staining


Commercial Painting Services

hoa painting by sky edifice painting, hoa painting company

Hoa Painting

office painting, office painters

Office Painting

retail painting, retail painters, retail painting company

Retail Painting

Painting Contractor
In Orange County

Our History

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING is a painting company based out of Orange County, California. They have provided paint services
for home owners and business owners for the past 30+ years. They focus on increasing the value for both residential houses and commercial properties. 


Industry Experts

They have painting strategies that many construction developers don’t know exist. They are specialist in painting any surface. There are many painters but only the house painters and commercial painters from SKY EDIFICE Painting have the expertise to finish any project on time.

Partner With Us

Partner with this Orange County painters to see the best painting results imaginable for house painting and commercial painting throughout Los Angeles and Inland Empire. Their expert painting services ranges from doors, cabinets to full house painting, offices, HOA, commercial and retail.

Always Exceeding Clients Expections

SKY EDIFICE Painting’s Client know them by exceeding the customer service that they are used to receiving. They strive to aim for customer delight not just customer satisfaction. They are on a mission to increase the standard on care for landlord’s property and the customer service that clients get. They have clients for a life time.
Proudly Serving
in Orange County,
Los Angles & Inland Empire
Are You Read To Have The Most Beautiful Home in your Street?
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Got a Question ?

Yes. SKY EDIFICE PAINTING is a license painting company. In addition to being a licensed painting company they are also license for other trades within the construction industry such as landscaping, tree services, and construction. They also have a real estate company. 

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has been in business over 30+ years. The company started as a sole proprietorship many years ago. Now with more experience we have grown to other trades within the construction & real estate industry.

We provide warranty for a limited number of years.

Exterior Painting= 3-5 years.

Interior Painting= 5-7 years.

The warranty depends on the products chosen by the client. We always recommend to use the top tier paint products because some products do not provide warranty. That is why we advise only top tier products. 

It depends in what region the property is located in California. Some areas are always moist, others damps and other very hot. These factors should be taken into consideration and be asked by the client to the painting contractor. Highly experience painters like ourselves know the proper painting procedures and products to apply. 

A proper estimate can be provided upon a visual inspection and based on what surfaces are to be painted. 

Three factors to consider:
1. Time
2. Quality of Painting Service(Work)
3. Experience

Although theses 3 factors are not all the factors to consider when to conclude a paint estimate it’s a good start. 

With an average cost of $6.20 per square foot, painting a 2,000 square foot would cost $12,400, a 3,000 square foot home would cost $18,600.

But you will find prices that drop below $5,000 for a 2,000- 3000 square foot home on yelp, home advisor, houzz and other review companies. Please do keep in mind that these prices are not from reliable since they are not calculated by painting contractor professionals nor are there any 3rd part websites where they know the prices of a painter. 

SKY EDIFICE Painting Company is not on any review website such as yelp, houzz, home advisor and similar sites. The reason for this is because these review companies are advertisement companies first, then review companies next with zero focus on their clients(Contractors). We focus on our clients from A-Z with our marketing team and aim to achieve a higher standard of customer satisfaction to our clients. 

We advise you to apply the flooring first and painting next. If you partner with SKY EDICIE PAINTING as your painting contractor you can have painting done first or after the flooring. We have decades of experience to paint after you install your flooring.

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About Orange County

Orange County has over 3,000,000 residents. Known for its orange groves many decades ago in many regions such as Anaheim, Orange, and Tustin to name just a few cities. Orange County, California has attract outdoor temperture year round making it a number 1 location for tourist. The local beaches are about 20 minutes to Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. Its home to many fortune 500 corporate office and retail brands.

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