How To Apply Epoxy Coating To A Garage Floor

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Preparing for Epoxy Flooring on A Garage

This isn’t something you can do in one day. Although anything is possible, we recommend you invest your time into something that will last for years, not months. Epoxy flooring can not be done in one day because each coating has to dry for at least 5-8 hours, and that’s only for one coat.

I have Damaged Concrete Can I still get Epoxy Flooring?

Absolutely. You can still apply epoxy flooring to your garage flooring if you have cracks, holes, or broken concrete. But you will have to hire a professional, or you can do it yourself, but you will need a drill, grinder, concrete mix, and willingness to put more time and patience into your project. Most individuals instead hire a professional because concrete has to cure fully, and if it doesn’t, it will crack the epoxy on top due to the concrete moving.

Materials Needed To Apply Epoxy Flooring in Garage

10 Steps To Apply Epoxy Flooring

Step 1: Cleaning The Floor & Covering Walls

This part doesn’t seem as important but believe it, or not many painters or DIY people skip this step to save themselves time. The purpose of cleaning the floor is to remove little pebbles, dirt, and other debris. Use a broom, or paint brush for this step to remove debris. We recommend you only use tape with very light adhesive to cover the lower parts of the walls. Using tape with strong adhesive will leave adhesive on the wall and will remove paint from the walls if it gets too hot in the garage.

Step 2: Sanding (Only if it Applies)

We recommend sanding the floor with 60 or 80 grit. If you are not a professional, we advise renting an orbital sander machine to save time. You can always use a small sander, but you will spend a lot of time. Sanding the whole garage floor will remove debris that is stuck on top of the concrete slab. This often happens when the concrete is rough. Yes, you will etch the floor but etch is etching, not a cleaning method, and if there is paint or the concrete floor is rough, sanding will provide a better result and more durability in the long run.

Step 3: Cleaning the Dust

Cleaning the dust after dusting can be both unhealthy and very messy. We recommend applying water to the floor and vacuuming the dust caused form the walls. You can use a floor scrubber machine to save time. This method would minimize dust going all the way if you were to just broom the floors. DO NOT FORGET TO WEAR A 3M 6211 Mask, dust and epoxy vapors are not healthy. 

Step 4: Etch The Garage Floor

This part requires the concrete etching solution. Mix the solution properly, as noted in the manufacturer’s direction, to maximize the warranty. Before applying the solution to the garage floor, you can simply use your water hose for this. Then apply the solution to the floor. Then from any corner of your choice, work your way to the middle. After that, start from another corner and work your way to the middle, do this until you do it to all the corners, and gradually move the solution to the center with a bristle broom. Once you are finished, it’s time to rinse this solution. You will rinse this solution until you see only the garage on the floor and not white foaming bubbles. Then wait until the concrete is fully dry.(Every garage is different, so use your best judgment, We recommend doing this when it’s dry and hot, so it drys faster).

Step 5: Primer The Wall (Everyone Skips This)

This is the step that most people skip because they think it’s not necessary. We recommend applying primer. The primer will sink into the concrete, allowing the epoxy to stick appropriately. If you read carefully, all epoxy coating will indicate to prime the flooring prior to apply the epoxy to the floor.

Step 6: Mix The Epoxy Coating

This step is fairly easy. Just open up the epoxy container and pour the epoxy resin into the epoxy gallon you will use. The ratio can range from 1:1 to 2:1,  Every epoxy is different, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions, so you don’t ruin the warranty.

Step 7: Apply The Expoxy (Fun Starts Now)

Once you are finished mixing the epoxy with the resin properly, it’s now time for the fun to start. Make sure to use spiked shoes. We recommend using the 3in brush and applying epoxy on the surrounding edges of the floor. After you are done with the edges, use the 9in roller, then pick a corner and work your way to the middle. Do this until you do it for the corners. If you decide to use two coats (again based on the manufacturer’s instruction), wait the recommended hours and apply the epoxy the same way. If you get bubbles, do not worry. It’s completely normal.

Step 8:

After you wait for the first coat of epoxy, as recommended by the manufacturer, you will need to sand. That is why, in step 6, it’s normal to see bubbles on the surface. After you finish sanding, clean the debris with a dust mop or anything that will clean the floor.

Step 9: Appling Color Chips

Once you are done, apply the epoxy to the whole garage floor. Grab the color chips and apply them to the epoxy. There are different ways to apply the color chips. We recommend applying the color chips(flakes) by throwing them. This method will give you more control on how many flakes you want in an area after you cover the whole garage with the color chips. We suggest you cover the areas with a lot of color chips instead of limiting the amount because you don’t want some areas to be emptier with color chips than others, so it’s better to put a lot more. You will now use the trowel and scruff the color chips to make it even.

Step 10: Apply the Top Coat

Now it’s time to apply the Polyurethane (the top coat). The top clear coat will be applied above the color chips. Do not apply the clear coat right away. You have to wait until the coating dries. Once it dries, apply the final coat, and this will be the last step in the process of how to apply epoxy flooring to my garage.
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