How To Paint A Room

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Beginner to Advance

Preparing To Paint A Room

One of the most common painting services that a painter can provide is a room(s) painting. This is can be both fun if your a team from SKY EDIFICE PAINTING or it can be difficult if its your first time painting, or if you are just doing it for a weekend.

Materials Needed To Paint A Room

The Process To Paint A Room Like A Professional Painter

Step 1: Calculate The Amount of Paint Needed

Its important to buy enough paint. You do not want  to overbuy. click here to determine how much paint you need Paint Calculator.

Step 2: Clean & Move Everything To The Center

Move everything to the center and clean the room. The fewer items in a room to paint, the easier the process will be.

Step 3: Covering

Cover every surface that has a risk of getting a paint drop. 

Step 4: Prepping

Repair any broken drywall and holes prior to painting.

Step 5: Prime The Wall (Everyone Skips This)

Prime the walls.

Step 6: Apply Painting Coat To Walls

Start from a corner of a room and work your way to another corner. Wait a few hours for the coat to dry. 

Step 7: Apply A 2nd Coat

Once the surface dries, apply another coat the same way you did in step 6.

Step 8: Clean up & Enjoy

After the final coat of paint, be careful not to touch any surface. Please wait until the surface dries to move things out of the room and back into their original place. Be very careful. You do not want to repaint a wall section after scraping it with furniture.

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