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Are you looking to rebrand, renew leases, or perhaps seeking tenant improvements. Don’t worry we have you covered. We offer a wide selection of specialties for painting commercial properties that will hep you attract and retain tenants and traffic. Not only does commercial painting require precision painting, but it also requires a lot of experience. 90% of painters can paint residential but only about 10% of painting contractors can paint commercial properties. We are highly experience in commercial type properties. It makes sense for us to be a handful of painting contractors that focus on commercial with our 30+ years of experience. Much of our clients are repeat customers meaning they trust our work.
Experience Customer Delight

Commercial Painting Services

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Interior Painting

We can help increase your amount of tenant renewal leases by committing to your commercial tenants’ preference in interior colors. Our interior commercial painters can work around your or tenants’ schedule we we minimize any disruption. Contact us to provide you with interior painting services for your commercial asset. 

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Exterior Painting

Increase the value of your commercial property with a new coat of paint. We form a market analysis to recommend trending colors that will attract tenants to your commercial property. A fresh coat of paint by the exterior painters at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING will attract a lot of traffic and thus increase overall sales. Contact us today for precision painting on your commercial property.

3 Reasons Why Our Commercial Painters Are in High Demand

1. Liquidated Clauses- To protect your investment

The commercial painters at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING are in high demand for these 3 reasons. They always finish on the date they promise, allowing commercial business to resume business without any disruption. They guarantee their promise and delivery projects on time. They ensure this by including liquidated clauses to ensure their promise and pay landlord for any delays cause by SKY EDIFICE PAINTING. Delays are caused by inexperience contractors. SKY EDIFICE Commercial Painting has been completing commercial painting services for the past 30+ years. With so much guarantee and experience its hard not to hire these painters. 

2. Trending Colors

The second reason is that we use our experience and market analysis to determine up coming trending colors. We want you to be ahead of your competition. Believe it or not the colors of a commercial building plays an huge role in increasing traffic, consumers, tenants, and employee behaviors.

3. We protect Your Investment

A commercial property is someone’s hard work. A personal property should be taken care of to ensure the safety of others. We treat every commercial property like if it was our own. Commercial properties need to be properly prep and then painted. We have experienced many landlord who unfortunately dealt with contractors that took shortcuts and made a bigger mess and had to face a decrease in sales by closing down their business for a longer period. When you hire these commercial painting company you are hiring: experience, caring painters, and most of all continuing relationship for many years to come. 

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Commercial Painting for Orange County, Los Angles & Inland Empire

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Cost estimating for commercial painting is not as simple as many people write about on the internet. It’s not heavily based on 3 factors like it is for residential properties. Commercial estimating for painting depends on:

1.The surface. The better condition the surface, the less expensive to paint. (Color Scheme such as branding Colors of the business increase the cost)

2. Height of the building


4.Equipment (Commercial Use Only

You can expect to pay anywhere from $30,000-$120,000 for a commercial building of 20,000 sq ft.

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING is licensed for commercial painting. 

Yes. We can work around your tenants’ schedule to minimize any delays in their business and your revenue.

100% of the time clients request us to update the baseboard. Sometimes we change the baseboard from vinyl to wood and other times from wood to vinl. It really depends on the clients’ preference.

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