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When it comes to HOA painting we excel in understanding the needs of HOA associations this includes: board directors, board members, committees and homeowners. Directors at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING understand civil code §§4000 – 6150. Meaning we understand that all HOA in California are governed by the Davis-Stirling Act. We have a huge amount of knowledge regarding HOA governance. Every 3 years HOA are required to perform a visual inspection commonly know as a reserve study. Some of the data in the reserve data must contain the major components in need of repair and maintenance to name the least based of a lifespan of 30 years. The study must contain the estimating cost of such repair and maintenance. These findings are available for upon request by HOA homeowners. HOA must make this publications available 30-90 days prior to the start of the new fiscal year. HOA is complicated for painting contractors who lack the ability to comprehend HOA law but SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has a lot of specialties and only brings benefits to communities.

Commercial Painters in High Demand for these 4 Reasons

1. Frequent Maintenance = More Money Saved

keeping up with proper paint maintenance makes the difference between spending less or spending a huge amount. Prolonging hoa painting services for a long time leads to a lot of rotted wood, decayed stucco and balcony structures to be weaken. Updating the painting of HOA is important to keep the structure of buildings strong . So, why not keep homeowners happy and have a regular plan to have periodic hoa services done accordingly?

2. Benefits of HOA Painting

1.Homeowners are the ones that benefit the most. They don’t have worry about a lack of exterior paint when they choose to sell their property. That is why its’s wisely to live in a home owner association that is nicely maintained, so when the times comes to sell, the real estate agent will sell it fast.

2.When the HOA is up to date with the maintenance and repairs, the structures remain strong and resale value increase and so does the potential of increasing HOA dues. An increase in HOA dues can enhance the beauty of HOA.

3. Trending Colors

Choosing the perfect colors can be a difficult decision especially when board members have different preferences. Here at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING we provide color consultation. We can only advise and recommend but the ultimate decision is form the board as a whole. 

4. Experience

30+ Years of experience. We know how to apply all the painting coats in the painting industry. When we perform we keep in mind and respect the property of owners within the homeowner association. We have management, supervisors and employees with decades of experience to make sure your project is done on time. With employees that always treat everyone with a smile and outstanding behavior. Always appoint an experience painting company with decades of experience like SKY EDIFICE PAINTING. The more experience a company has, the less stress there is to finish a project on time, and therefore more happy crew of painters treating homeowners happy which leads to more happy board members due to the fact that there are less complaints from owners. 

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Cost estimating for commercial painting is not as simple as many people write about on the internet. It’s not heavily based on 3 factors like it is for residential properties. Commercial estimating for painting depends on:

1.The surface. The better condition the surface, the less expensive to paint. (Color Scheme such as branding Colors of the business increase the cost)

2. Height of the building


4.Equipment (Commercial Use Only

You can expect to pay anywhere from $30,000-$120,000 for a commercial building of 20,000 sq ft.

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING is licensed for commercial painting. 

Yes. We can work around your tenants’ schedule to minimize any delays in their business and your revenue.

100% of the time clients request us to update the baseboard. Sometimes we change the baseboard from vinyl to wood and other times from wood to vinl. It really depends on the clients’ preference.

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