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#1 Luxurious Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painters in Aliso Viejo

We encounter many homeowners that request for us to paint their kitchen cabinets in the same quality as their current painted cabinets. Unfortunately, many of the times the quality on the cabinets that they currently have is not professionally done. 

Experience Customer Delight

#1 Reason We Deny Cabinet Matching Services

We always accept any request from homeowners but the the number one reason why SKY EDIFICE PAINTING denies to match the current quality on homeowners’ kitchen cabinets is because we offer a much higher luxurious quality. 

As cabinet painters in Aliso Viejo we perform nothing below exceptional. Many homeowners asks us to meet the quality of their current kitchen. We are always happy to accept any request but we have seen many cabinets that have not been properly prep and coating how its suppose to. We always do the best work possible and if the quality is below standard, unfortunately we can’t match something that is not going to represent our high quality work for cabinets. Our work is our marketing and as  Aliso Viejo cabinet painting contractors this means only providing exceptional painting services for cabinets.

Aliso Viejo House Painting Services That We offer

Not only do we offer cabinet refinishing services in the city of Aliso Viejo  and kitchen painting but we also offer The following residential painting services.
  • Color Consultation
  • Wood Repair
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • These Signs Indicate You Need A Cabinet Painter

    We have painted hundreds and hundreds of cabinets. As license cabinet painters in Aliso Viejo we have seen many cabinets that are in extremely good condition to conditions that are just painful to see. Luckily with out 30+ years of painting we more than enough experience to paint your cabinet for that luxurious look that you deserve.

    Yellow Cabinets

    We have dealt with so many yellow cabinets. Yellow cabinet are caused by the oil on our hands. When we touch cabinets the oil accumulates and turn yellow through the time. 

    Fading Paint

    Fading Paint is unbearable to watch especially for the kitchen where the whole family gathers or when family comes over for the holidays. 

    Outdated Look

    The color on your kitchen can make your kitchen very spacious or make it look very plain. We can recommend colors that can make your kitchen a modern kitchen without the expense of a complete kitchen remodel .

    Why You Should Partner With SKY EDIFICE PAINTING

    Paint Quality: Luxurious, You Deserve it. 

    Licensed: As licensed painting contractor, we know exactly how to properly prep and paint your cabinets. it’s not just about applying painting to cabinets.

    Experience: We have more than 3 decades of experience. This means we can get expensive paint at lower rate.

    Hire A Painting Contractor of 30+ Years in Business

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    We Offer A Wide Selection of Painting Services

    Residential Painting Services

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    Color Consultation

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    Drywall Repair Services

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