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House Painting in Huntington Beach

If you are looking for local house painting in Huntington Beach with decades of experience you found us. SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has 3+ decades of experience and as house painters for Huntington Beach residents we offer interior painting, exterior painting and painting for cabinets. Call now for any questions. (213)214-6594

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Home Painting in Huntington Beach

Hire a house painter that will listen to your needs. It’s not difficult to communicate and listen to clients needs. This is what separates us from every home painter in Huntington Beach. For some reason many of these house painters have poor customer service. Finding a reliable California painter with experience and customer services can be a challenge, but rest assure that our team of house painters at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING are the only painters that you will ever need. We have worked with thousands of residential homeowners.  Not for 10 years or 15 years. We have been doing this for 30 + years! We provide high quality painting services that are unmatched.

Superior House Painting Services for Huntington Beach Residents

We only provide high quality painting services. In order to provide you with superior house painting services you first need to want them. We don’t try to sell you anything. We just try to help solve the current challenges you are having. We only paint what you want to get painted. Contact the house painters at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING to have your home painted so everyone can admire your beautiful home the whole year.

Why Hire Licensed Painting Contractors

It’s illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor who charges over $600.00 in Huntington Beach. For more info contact Contact the Business License Department at (714) 536-5267 for more information.

Hiring licensed contractors means you take no liability if you sign a contract. They can not simply start and begin working  and all a sudden to just stop showing up. They have to finished or they can have their licensed revoked.

Our Stress Free House Painting Process

1) You give us a call or email us. 
2) We confirmation an appointment 
3) We arrive on time or earlier. 
4) We do a visual inspection of the property and finalize a quote.
5) If you like our price, we sign a contract, so you can be confident that there will won’t be any increases in price or any delays.

Many house painters don’t finish on time, we do. We always finish on time. You can depend on us to get your home painted on time and on budget. We don’t increase prices half way done, that is unprofessional. Having an experienced Huntington Beach house painter you can trust is very important. Hire only painters that have years of experience. We recommend to hire painters that specializes on home painting and have at least 15 years of experience. We recommend the painters to have experience of 15 years individually. Many house painters will say they have 20+ years of experience but 99% of them combine the experience with the number of painters they have on their team. We also recommend that they have lots of communication skills.

Why Our House Painters Are #1

Our house painters are #1 in the city of Huntington Beach. We are the “go to painters” for residents of this beautiful city of Huntington Beach. The fact that clients call us for additional painting services means we been providing exceptional painting services. We always prioritize our clients. There’s no secret or magic formula to our successful decades in business. We just have great communication skills and compassion for our clients.

Home Painting for 30+ Years

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