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Are you looking for a painter in Irvine, CA? Perhaps you just need the #1 painters in Irvine. We are the  #1 painting contractors of Irvine because we have been helping the residents of Irvine for over 30+ years. We have helped thousands of residents paint their homes and commercial properties such as homes, retail, restaurants, and much more. 

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We are licensed Painting contractor by the State Of California. We have been Irvine painters for over 30+ years. As a family business we are able to focus on our clients and make them the #1 priority. Every time we complete a painting services our clients tell us how much they love our painting services. We take pride in our work and we do our best every time. That is why we make our clients very happy.  Once you are client for SKY EDIFICE PAINTING, you become a member to our community of thousands of happy clients. We have more services than just painting.

Irvine House Painting

House painting in Irvine requires the most experienced and precision painting company. If you want perfect and no delays contact us today. Our Irvine Painters will leave your property very beautiful. Hiring the best painters in Irvine is one call away. Give us a call and find out why we are the painting company that Irvine residents choose to hire for their painting services. We offer both interior painting and exterior painting for properties in Irvine, ca.  

Commercial Painting For Irvine Landlords

Increase foot traffic with modern colors. Modern colors on the exterior of commercial buildings attract 79.85% of consumers eyes without Colors attract the attention of consumers. If you are looking for a painter in Irvine that has the expertise of 30+ years and who are licensed contact us today! We are certain that you will love our results. Commercial Painting is not like residential painting. Painting commercial properties requires a huge amount of knowledge on how to properly prep and paint the surface. Inexperienced painters will have difficult time gathering products with today’s supply chain problem in the painting industry. Hire an experience commercial painter located in Irvine who will finish on time so you don’t lose revenue.

Painting Services That We Offer

We offer many painting services for the city of Irvine. Not only are we residential painting contractors but we also specialize in commercial painting. We provide interior painting and exterior painting. If you don’t see the painting service that you are seeking give us a call.

Common Sign That Will Let You Know That It's Time for Painting Services

Whether or not you are looking for exterior or interior painters. You need to know these signs. Identifying these signs can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Stucco Cracks: The stucco will have cracks it starts by the width of a hairline. Then the cracks continue vertically and horizonal. Once it fully cracks the interior structure is expose to moisture. This is absolute not good at all and should be at lease partially fix by repairing the stucco. 

Fading Colors: Next is the fading of the colors. Walk around your home and you will see
different shades. Depending on your painting on your home painting services
can last up to 7 sevens years depending where are you are in Orange County.

Is It Safe To Hire Unlicensed Painters In Irvine?

This decision is only up to you. You can choose to hire a licensed or unlicensed painter but hiring an unlicensed painter is illegal. You can get in trouble. Here is how:  

Lawsuit: If an unlicensed painter bring a helper, the helper can sue the owner of the property. This possibility can be eliminated by hiring a licensed painting contactors. Your home is worth close to 1 million or probably well over that amount why risk saving a few hundred dollars and risk getting a lawsuit that exceeds $100,000 and $100,000 of dollars?

No Background Check: unlicensed painters do not have to get a background check. This means you can get a painter with good or bad record. 

Experience: Unlicensed painters are inexperience because they lack the proper techniques and knowledge to paint like licensed painters can.

Price: Pricing in a lot of situation are super amazing but at what cost are you willing to take a risk?

Reliable: painters who do not have a contractors license are not regulated. So this means that they do not have to finish work on time and can charge you a higher price during the process of painting. 

We recommend to only hire licensed painting contractors in Irvine. These licensed painters are regulated by the State of California, and usually do better job because they don’t want to get their painting license suspended or revoked. 

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