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Are you looking for cabinet painters in Irvine? Our professional experts for cabinet painting are highly trained with 30+ years in the industry. Our kitchen painters will leave your cabinets looking beautiful for many years to come. When you appoint us as your cabinet painting contractor,
you will not see small bubbles on the surface. You will only see LUXURIOUS CABINETS. When we paint cabinet, we make it look like if the color was a factory color. We have a wonderful and highly experienced team of kitchen cabinet painters ready to help you in Irvine.

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Irvine, CA Cabinet Painters

Our Cabinet painters in Irvine, CA are taught by master painters with decades of experience. Our cabinet painters have delivered high quality paint jobs for the pass 30+ years. They have over 3 decades of experience. We don’t combine our experience like every painter in Irvine does, so they can look more experienced than they really are. Our clients hire us because we are ethical, honest, and hard working. This is why we are the best painters that specialize in cabinet painting for the residents of Irvine, CA

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Cabinet Refinishing & Resurface

When you are looking for a painter near me in Irvine, SKY EDIFICE PAINTING is ready to help you with your dream kitchen. Getting a kitchen remodel can be very expensive but what if we told you that there’s a much more affordable option it. This option is called resurfacing. Resurfacing is the updating of cabinets. The only thing being updated are the doors and front part of the drawers. All the cabinet bases stay the same. That is why it’s called cabinet refacing or also commonly known as cabinet resurfacing. Either wording is correct. This process is much cheaper than a whole kitchen remodel. Although its cheaper it does not mean the look is cheap. If done correctly by highly experienced cabinet painters like us, the end result will look amazing, it will be high end cabinets. We have painted hundreds and thousands of kitchens over our 30+ years in business. Cabinet refacing is a great option to have a well elegant and updated kitchen. Contact the best Irvine Cabinet Painting Contractors today. 

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  • Cabinet Refacing An Option for Me?

    Absolutely. If a kitchen remodel is not within your budget or you you are just looking to get a cabinet refacing in Huntington Beach we are your #1 cabinet painters for your kitchen. With our cabinet refacing services we will make your kitchen cabinets look like new! Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen cabinet refacing option.

    Why Hire Our Team of Cabinet Painters at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING?

    Unlike inexperience painters, we know that cabinets requires a special paint that is only for cabinets. This cabinet paint is much thinner than the regular paint used on walls and ceiling. The fact that this cabinet paint is thinner makes it hard for an inexperience cabinet painter to do a high quality job. Although there are many painters that seem to know what they are doing, a majority of them are painting cabinets the wrong way. The correct way has to be with a minimum of two coats and depending on the color and type of wood 3 coats of paint maybe necessary. No more than 3 coats of paint should be applied. This will create a chemical reaction where the paint will be too thick and will cause the paint to brake. Many cabinets in Irvine, have a specific paint where new paint is not applicable. We only know this because we painted hundreds and hundreds of properties when they were built decades ago. Our painters know the proper process to prevent the old paint and the new paint from not bonding together.

    Why We Recommend To Hire Only Professional Painters

    The quality of work performed on kitchen cabinets may seem similar if you compare the work of a professional kitchen painter and a inexperienced painter. But the work differs by a lot.

    1st We Compare Paint Quality

    An inexperience painter doesn’t have the years of experience and therefore vendors will not give those painters good pricing. No good pricing means no good paint on your kitchen. Professional and experienced cabinet painters of Irvine on the other hand have better pricing and could buy higher quality paint that is solely designed for cabinets. 

    2nd We Compare The Application Method

    The application method varies from an  inexperience and experience painter. An inexperience painter that paints cabinets will paint anyway as long as the cabinet ends up with a new coat of paint. They will either start left to right or right to left but usually spend a lot of time painting because the paint keeps leaking and not dry fast enough, which will leave paint drops upon close inspections. An experience cabinet painting contractor for Irvine knows that painting cabinet is not a process of right to left or left to right, applying the paint has to be precise and be done in a way that when the paint dries it doesn’t leave paint drops. 

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