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Are you are seeking the most referred house painting services in orange county keep reading and learn why are the #1 referred painting company. If you looking for the most experienced painter in Orange County, CA ? It can be challenging to find your perfect painting contractor in the Orange County when there are there are hundreds and hundreds of them in Orange County, California. It’s even harder to appoint a painting contractor when everyone claims to perform the best but at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING we don’t claim anything. We just let our 30+ years of experience painting houses, commercial, industrial speak for it self. 

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Orange County House Painting Services That We offer

Appointing the perfect painters to paint requires patience and an interview. While many homeowners hire painting contractors to paint houses who charge the lowest price, it’s always not ideal. Many painters who charge the lowest among their competition lack the experience. Hire professionals with decades of experience who are licensed. Get various quotes that are detailed and that fall within the range of other painting contractors in the area. We offer a wide range of house painting services for both interior and exterior surfaces. Allow us the opportunity to give you the painting services you want and the customer service that you deserve.

Orange County Commercial Painters

The most important step in hiring commercial painters is to make sure they are licensed. In addition to having an active license, double check their workers comp and general liability insurance. If a painting company has no active insurance and their employee gets hurt, the landlord of the commercial property will get sue. The lawsuit could cause the property to have a lien or a possible sale of the commercial property maybe required if the damages are a lot. Hiring unlicensed for commercial buildings is a huge liability. Commercial properties are worth a lot and saving money by hiring unlicensed painters will increase the risk of liability. That is why hiring licensed commercial painting contractors is always the most secure and best decision that any business owner, tenant, and landlord can do. Our team of Orange County commercial painters are licensed. Our company prioritizes our clients and this means always reducing any risk for all our clients. We always ensure that our high quality commercial painting services exceed your expectation. We have exceeded customer’s expectations for decades. Allow our painters to increase the value of your property by techniques not know by many commercial painters. We are ready to paint for any rebranding, tenant improvements, retail, sale, and purchase of commercial properties.

Commercial Painting Services

In addition to having specialist Orange County house painters . We also have commercial painters that specialize in commercial painting. Many painting contractors in Orange County choose to only do residential painting or commercial painting because of the challenges that might face. Some of the challenges are the demand to finish in a short amount of time, limited crew size or the inability to match custom colors on the surface.  Here at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING we only offer solutions to property owners. We paint both residential painting and commercial painting because we have the experience of 30+ years. We know that commercial and residential properties require different paint and a different responsibility that we are proud to take on.

These Signs Indicate That You Need A Painter In Orange County.

Our painters have painted thousands of homes and commercial properties in our 30+ years of business. We recommend to inspect your home at least 3 times a year. After winter, during Summer and early Fall to prevent any unwanted repairs. Recently in this 2023 year we have gotten so much rain. All this rain accumulates in unwanted areas if the home is not properly equipped with the proper system to redirect the rainfall away from the real estate property. Other protections are special coating on the exterior surface.  Planning always saves you money in the long run. The most common early signs that indicated that you need painting service are the following:

Stucco Crack

Hairline cracks on Stucco. This is when the stucco begins to crack but its hard to see unless you look closely, that its why its call hairline cracks because the cracks of the width of a hairline.

Fading Paint

Fading paint is normal if you are within the 7th year of having you house or commercial property painted. Fading paint after one or two years is not normal and this requires professional consultation. The fading paint is caused by the breakdown of chemical bonds. We will stop here and not bored you with the process of chemistry. It’s basically just caused by the strong sunlight that hits the paint everyday. 

Careful When You Hire Unlicensed & Inexperienced Painters

Some painters in orange county choose to save on paint and unfortunately they dilute the paint by adding water. This results in less paint pigments decreasing the color retention of the paint. This is why were only work with clients that want the best results. Unfortunately, we don’t work with clients that want shortcuts and cheap products. Cheap products do not last and only the painters look bad when a job doesn’t at the end. 

Why You Should Partner With SKY EDIFICE PAINTING

we are licensed and have insurance We know every paint product in the painting industry
We are industry experts with 30+ years of experience. When you hire us for painting services. We grant you access to other services from out brands in orange county. We only paint homes and business in the best possible way and nothing below exceptional. That is why we are the top painters in the cities of Orange County, California. 

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