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Kitchen Cabinet Painters in Orange County

Looking for cabinet painters in Orange County, California? We are the most trusted and high quality painters. Keep reading to learn why we continue being the most referred local cabinet specialist for Orange County. We have experience of 3+ decades alone not combined. It’s really difficult for some to excel when it comes to cabinet painting. Most painters just paint cabinets with no method. Cabinet are delicate belongings that required an optimal method. Painting cabinets the wrong way will leave them exposed to water and peeling will occur within months. Hire a painter that has the expertise and experience. Hire a painter with both qualities not just one. With our team of professional, reliable and experienced cabinet painter you will be amazed with the results. 

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

When we provide kitchen cabinets painting services we provide two results. 

Option1: Beautiful Work
Option2: Elegant Work 

No matter what the outcome, we guarantee that you will be more than happy that you hired us. 

High Quality Cabinet Paint Specialist

If you are looking for high quality cabinet painters in Orange County, CA, SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has the expertise to paint cabinets and deliver the most finest cabinets you have ever seen!! If you are a new client to SKY EDIFICE PAINTING, we guarantee that you have not seen high quality paint jobs. Our clients know that when it comes to cabinets we are the specialist.

In order to achieve a high quality paint job for cabinets the most important factor is for the painter to have 15+ years of experience alone. Cabinets are painted by individually pieces. In order to get a uniform coat on the cabinets the painters must have the same years of experience.

Why Does Experience Matter When Painting Cabinets

Experience makes the difference between high quality work vs. low quality paint jobs. The more experience a painting contractor has the more precise the painting is. Precision painting is required when painting cabinets because overspray may occur to other parts of the kitchen. This happens to inexperience painters. When we start training our painters, that is what happens 100% of the time. Our painters don’t paint cabinets until they have the experience. It takes roughly around 15+ years to become paint specialist. 

Yes, anyone can paint cabinets and tell you that they can paint them but most painters paint the wrong way! The correct way to paint cabinets is to have deep prep work, apply the necessary coatings and paint them with 2 coats. This will eliminate any non-uniform color. Non-uniform color is the caused by applying to much paint, which is caused by inexperience painters. They always apply too much paint to surfaces because they can’t gauge(estimate) the amount need to paint. If you look closely to your kitchen you might see different shades of color, where one place is darker and another is lighter in color. SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has cabinet painters who are master painters that always deliver high quality painting for cabinets. 

The Process for Kitchen Cabinets

Believe it or not painting cabinets require an experience painting contractor in orange county that understands that not all cabinets can be painted in certain times during the year. Many inexperience painters make the mistake to paint cabinets during the wrong time of the year.

Reasons for Painting Cabinets

Increase Value: Painting your kitchen cabinets will increase the value of your home. Please keep in mind that only cabinet painting specialist’s technique and experience will cause your home to actually increase in value. A regular paint job unfortunately will not increase your value. Make sure you hire a true professional to paint your kitchen cabinets.
Elegant Look: Applying the right combination of paint coats + our experienced cabinet painters’ techniques= Elegant Finishing.

Economical Option: Painting Cabinets is a much more affordable option than remodeling your kitchen.

Additional Painting Services That We Offer

Call SKY EDIFICE PAINTING today to schedule you for an estimate this week before time runs out. We offer this painting services in Orange County.

Reasons Why SKY EDIFICE PAINTING Is Your Best Option

Experience: 30+ years of experience.
Licensed:We are licensed painting contractors by the state of California.
Insured:We carry insurance so you don’t have any liabilities
Friendly:Our priority is YOU, that is why we have clients for a lifetime.
Highly Professional We respect every inch of your property, clean up everyday, and try to minimize the disruptions when we offer painting serices.
Hire A Painting Contractor of 30+ Years in Business

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