House Painting Services

House Painting Services
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We are licensed house painters. With 30+ years of experience. We are experts when it comes to house painting services. Our team is comprised of individual that love to paint homes. That take pride when they perform, and smile when they see clients happy. For over 30+ years all our clients have been delighted. Our clients do not stress when we work. We make the house painting process a easy process.

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Reasons For House Painting SErvices

House Painters Specialized in (Residential) House Painting

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING offers house painting services for both the interior and exterior of houses in Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles County. Painting doesn’t have to be a confusing and stressful process. We make the process a breeze. We are house painting specialist because we use latex paint over oil paint. Latex paint is great option since it allows moisture to pass through. This is significant because latex paint can be applied to stucco, wood and concrete. Latex and oil paint have their own purpose but unfortunately many do not know the difference. Here at SKY EDIFICE PAINTING we know all the products. 

House Painting Services

As expert house painters for over 30+ years, we have all the experience and techniques that you need to get your home up to date with colors. If you are unsure on what paint colors to choose from do not worry we can assist you. In addition to providing color consultation, we also offer a wide selectin of house painting services.  

Why We don't Recommend Oil Paint

We stopped using and applying oil products decades ago due  health, and environmental reasons. We care for our employees, clients and environment, that’s why we stopped using. The fumes are toxic and the product is flammable. Hire a painting contractor that looks out for your health.

House Painting Services

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Exterior House Painting

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING and its team of exterior house painters has 30+ years of expertise painting surfaces such as stucco, siding, wood, concrete and more. Keep reading to learn the additional exterior painter services that we offer. Let’s serve you a spot this week or weekend. We are flexible painters.

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Interior House Painting

We offer a wide selection of interior painting services for residential houses. Starting from cabinets, baseboard, drywall, and more. Click on the button below to see our additional paint services that our professional painters can provide you with.

More Services

We Offer A Wide Selection of Painting Services

Residential Painting Services

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Cabinet painting require a well qualified cabinet painter. Kitchen cabinets throughout the years turn yellowish and oil accumulate on the surface. Cabinets required a special type of paint that can be applied by professionals. Inexperienced painters will make the process very complicated and the completed work will not look great.
color consultation painting services by sky edifice painting


We offer color consultation service for those that need help deciding what color to paint their home. We use a color wheel similar this and other materials to decide a good combination for your home. Although we provide a consultation we only paint what you approve not what we think. We always wait for your approval prior to painting any surfaces small or big.  

Baseboard &
Crown Moulding

As part of our wide selection of house painting services we can include baseboard installation before we start painting. Updating the baseboard and crown molding or simply removing it will require experience painters who are licensed in both painting and carpentry. Luckily for you we are licensed for both and can provide both painting and baseboard services. 

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Drywall Repair Services

A home receive a lot of tear and wear. Drywall receives a lot of damage. We cover any small holes, medium and large pieces of drywall. Our painters can repair any drywall before we paint and apply texture as well. 

power washing exterior of a home


As expects painters for homes. We recommend power washing to increase the durability of your paint. Power washing your house will eliminate debris causes by natural forces from entering the interior of your home’s structure. 

staining, wood staining


Applying stain can add wonders t your home. Make sure to hire extremely experience painters to apply stain. It seems easy but an inexperienced painter can easily ruin your property. 

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Got a Question ?

Yes. SKY EDIFICE PAINTING can certainly match both interior and exterior colors. No matter what brands they are. 

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has been in business for decades for 30+ years. 

Absolutely. SKY EDIFICE holds a general contractor license and a painting license from the state of California. We perform both painting and drywall services. Many contractors only have one license, its rare when they have more than one. We recommend to only hire those that have a license. License contractors have more experience and in case they underperform, you can always make a complain to the California Contractors State License Board.

If the property being listed has outdate paint, we recommend painting. New Buyers just want to move in, Selling a property painted can add significant value. There are many strategies that can increase the value of a home. Painting a home with inexperienced painters will not increase the value of a home. We are experts in increasing values of homes.

Yes but as house painters for 30+ years we have better pricing than most painting companies out there. When we provide our paint products we provide warranty. When you provide the paint product we don’t provide warranty for various of reasons. Please give us a call to discuss your preferences

Yes. We developed the proper technique decades ago to ensure guarantee to our clients.

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