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The Reasons To Paint The Exterior of A Home

Exterior House Service, The Main Reason to Get it.

Keeping up with an exterior painting is very important. The dominant reason why you need to keep up with your exterior painting is because paint protects the structure of a property. When the paint coat is ineffective and weak rotted wood occurs, bubbling on exterior form and peeling of painting happens. To someone’s eye this may seem like no big deal but as time goes by the framing structure absorbs moisture and weakens the structure in the long run. These are minor challenges that we deal with everyday. Actually we been dealing with these  for over 30 plus years. When you call for exterior painting rest assure that we have the expertise to do it correctly the first time. 

Exterior House Services adds Value to Your Home

If you recently bough or sold your home you know that the real estate market has been continuously talked about. Our team of exterior painters are unique, they know that having an nicely Exterior house painting services perform adds value. There many exterior painting that you can get done but not everyone deals with increasing the value of your home by simply painting.  With our decades of experience in painting luxury mansion, expensive homes or average sized homes we have painting techniques that are the best. Allow us the pleasure to provide you a painting estimate with no commitment. Give us a call so we can be your lifetime painting company

Exterior House Painting Services

color consultation painting services by sky edifice painting


We help make decision on colors easy. We use a color wheel similar this and other materials to decide a good combination for your home. Although we provide a consultation we only paint what you approve not what we think. We always wait for your approval prior to painting any surface small or big.  

& Fence

Updating your deck and fence can give you a sense of relaxation. It can make your home more welcoming for the holidays or on regular days for friends or family to enjoy and relax.


Attract a greater sense of curb appeal by painting your garage doors. We paint wood, aluminium, and vinyl garages.

power washing exterior of a home

Power Washing

As expects painters for homes. We recommend power washing to increase the durability of your paint. Power washing your house will eliminate debris causes by natural forces from entering the interior of your home’s structure. 

Stucco Repair

Repairing stucco before applying a new paint coat is crucial to prevent the homes structure from weakening. 

wood repair, wood repair painter

Wood Repair

Wood repair is very common for performing exterior house painting. Especially when a home hasn’t been painted in years. But rest assure that we can repair any wood damages before we start a painting job.

Interior Painting for Orange County, Los Angles & Inland Empire

Got a Question ?
The price depends on three factors.

1.The experience of the interior painters.
2.The quality of the paint.
3.The size of the job

Based on our 30+ years of experience as licensed painting contractor be expected to pay anywhere from $4-$13 per square foot. We recommend always using a licensed painter.

We have been in business for the past 30+ years. In 30+ years we have added more painting services than any company out there today. 

Yes. We provide color consultation services to update your interior home with modern colors or just to find colors that compliment the nature of your home.

If you have carpet and are ready to paint. We would cover your carpet. Our experience painters know not to paint until everything is covered property. It’s not just about covering, its about knowing what to cover and how to apply the coverage to the personal property.

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