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We have painted the interior of homes for the past 30+ years. We have painted hundreds and thousands of properties. We have a process and the professionalism like no other company in the WORLD. We commit to providing warranty for any interior house painting because we always do the best we can.

Interior House Painting Services

cabinet painters, cabinet painting company


Cabinet painting require a well qualified cabinet painter. Kitchen cabinets throughout the years turn yellowish and oil accumulate on the surface. Cabinets required a special type of paint that can be applied by professionals. Inexperienced painters will make the process very complicated and the completed work will not look great.
color consultation painting services by sky edifice painting


We offer color consultation for those that need help deciding what color to paint their home. We use a color wheel similar this and other materials to decide a good combination for your home. Although we provide a consultation we only paint what you approve not what we think. We always wait for your approval prior to painting any surface small or big.  

Baseboard &
Crown Moulding

As part of our wide selection of house painting services we can include baseboard installation before we start painting. Updating the baseboard and crown molding or simply removing it will require experience painters who are licensed in both painting and carpentry. Luckily for you we are licensed for both and can provide both painting and baseboard services. 

drywall repair services, painters that repair drywall

Drywall Repair Services

A home receive a lot of tear and wear. Drywall receives a lot of damage. We cover any small holes, medium and large pieces of drywall. Our painters can repair any drywall before we paint and apply texture as well. 

wallpaper removal, wallpaper removal services, painters that remove wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wall paper requires more than time and patience. It requires a process and equipment to remove it property. When you are ready to paint the inside of your home. We are also ready to remove any unwanted wallpaper.

staining, wood staining


Applying stain can add wonders t your home. Make sure to hire extremely experience painters to apply stain. It seems easy but an inexperienced painter can easily ruin your property. 

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The price depends on three factors.

1.The experience of the interior painters.
2.The quality of the paint.
3.The size of the job

Based on our 30+ years of experience as licensed painting contractor be expected to pay anywhere from $4-$13 per square foot. We recommend always using a licensed painter.

We have been in business for the past 30+ years. In 30+ years we have added more painting services than any company out there today. 

Yes. We provide color consultation services to update your interior home with modern colors or just to find colors that compliment the nature of your home.

If you have carpet and are ready to paint. We would cover your carpet. Our experience painters know not to paint until everything is covered property. It’s not just about covering, its about knowing what to cover and how to apply the coverage to the personal property.

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